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Swan Raclette Care & Use Guide

These are the instructions published by Swann. They include recipes and suggestions as well as use and guarantee details.

2 Year Guarantee

This product is guaranteed for two years from the date of original purchase. If any defect arises due to faulty materials or workmanship faulty products must be returned to place of purchase. Refunds or replacement is at the discretion of the store.

The following conditions apply:

  • 1. The product must be returned to the retailer with original proof of purchases..
  • 2. The product must be installed and used in accordance with the instruction contained in this instruction guide..
  • 3. It must be used only for domestic purpose..
  • 4. It does not cover wear and tear, damage, misuse or consumable parts..
  • 5. Swan has no responsibility for incidental or consequential loss or damage..
  • Valid in the UK and Eire Only

Safety Instructions

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including thefollowing. Read all instructions, including these important safeguards and the care and use instructions in this manual..

  • 1. Do not use appliance for other than intended use..
  • 2. Do not leave appliance unattended when in use.
  • 3. The use of accessory attachments not recommended by Swan may cause injuries.
  • 4. Do not operate if the appliance is not working properly or if it has been damaged in any manner..
  • 5. Do not attempt to repair this appliance yourself..
  • 6. For domestic use only..
  • 7. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handle and knobs where provided. Use hot pads or oven mitts if you lift or carry the grill top or stone when they are hot..
  • 8. Do not move an appliance containing hot oil or other hot liquids..
  • 9. Do not use this appliance on the stove top or in the oven..
  • 10. Never overfill raclette dishes..
  • 11. Never preheat raclette dishes..
  • 12. Never place raclette dishes on grill top..
  • 13. Never use raclette without grill top in place..
  • 14. Never place anything heavy such as cookware on grill top.
  • 15. Never use near any flammable items such as curtains, towels, paper, plastic, etc..
  • 16. Never pour cold water or place frozen food on stone..
  • 17. To protect against electric shock, do not immerse cord, plugs, or other electric parts in water or other liquids..
  • 18. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug..
  • 19. Do not use electric parts outdoors, or place them on or near a gas or electric burner, in a heated oven, refrigerator or freezer..
  • 20. Do not plug cord into wall outlet unless control is set to OFF position..
  • 21. Always turn control to OFF and unplug the appliance from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow unit to cool completely before putting or taking off parts and before cleaning..
  • 22. This appliance has a short cord as a safety precaution to avoid pulling, tripping or entanglement. 2 Position the cord so that it does not hang over the edge of the counter, table or other area.
  • 23. While use of an extension cord is not recommended, if you must use one, make sure the cord has the same or higher wattage as the Raclette (wattage is stamped on the underside of the base). This appliance has a grounded-type 3-wire cord and the extension cord should be the same. Arrange the extension cord to avoid pulling, tripping or entanglement. Position the extension cord so that it does not hang over the edge of the counter, table or other area..
  • 24. Keep the cord away from hot parts of the appliance and hot surfaces during operation.
  • 25.This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliances by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Using Your Raclette

Before using for the first time, wash grill top, stone, raclette dishes and spatulas with hot soapy water or in a dishwasher. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Wipe surfaces of heating base with a damp cloth and dry. NOTE: Do not submerge heating base in water or put in dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaning products.

Assembly for Grill Top

If you are using the grill top, place grill top on heating base over the four heating base mounting brackets. Make sure the grill top is fit over the outside off all heating base mounting brackets and is securely in place.

Before Cooking

  • 1. Place heating base on a dry, level, heat-resistant surface, away from any edge..
  • 2. Position grill top securely in place on heating base.
  • 3. With the switch set at the OFF position, plug cord into a 230 volt AC electric outlet only.
  • 4. Push power button to turn on grill. Power light will come on. Preheat will take 20 ~ 30 minutes to reach maximum temperature. NOTE: A small amount of smoke and/or odor may occur upon heating due to the release of manufacturing oils – this is normal.

Cooking Tips

  • Cut raw meats into thin strips or 1” (25mm) square or smaller sections when grilling.
  • Use raclette dishes for heating foods or for melting cheese underneath grill. NOTE: Do not cook raw meats in raclette dishes.
  • Use stone plate for cooking raw meats or heating foods. You may cook raw meats first then keep
  • meats and other foods warm while you prepare your personal raclette dishes.
  • Use only plastic or wooden utensils on stone as metal may scratch the surface.
  • Do not overfill raclette dishes.
  • Do not preheat raclette dishes.

Suggestions For Raclette Parties

When serving a raclette meal, there is usually a heavy base food like potatoes, bread or tortillas that are warmed on the stone plate while guests use their individual raclette dishes to warm their favorite cheeses and toppings in slots located under the stone. Raw meats can be cooked on the stone, or if precooked, can be warmed on the stone or heated in the raclette dishes. When all of your ingredients are thoroughly heated, place your potato, bread or tortilla on a plate. Fill with meats, cheeses and toppings of your choice by scraping the ingredients from the raclette dishes using the spatulas provided.

The following are suggested ingredients. There is no limit to the combinations of flavors you can create. Try different combinations and different ingredients until you find your favorites. Season all meats to your liking. Try different cheeses, condiments, sauces, fresh herbs and spices for extra flavor. Quantities will vary depending on party size.


Base Food: Baby red or new potatoes or slices of baguette style bread. Boil or bake potatoes ahead of time in microwave, stove or oven. Warm bread or precooked potatoes on grill top. Suggested Ingredients: Meats – Sliced or cubed ham, sausage. Cheeses – Gouda, Swiss, Muenster or any raclette cheese. Toppings – Pickled Gherkin onions, garlic, mushrooms, scallions, asparagus, broccoli, black olives, green olives, banana peppers, dried herbs, fresh ground pepper.

MEXICAN RACLETTE – Base Food: Soft tortillas, tostadas or taco shells warmed on grill top. Suggested Ingredients: Meats – Mexican seasoned chicken breast, beef or pork thinly sliced or cubed, fi sh, shrimp or Mexican sausage. Cheeses –Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, Panela, Queso Blanco, Asadero, Chihuahua or Oaxaca. Toppings – Black olives, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, red bell peppers, chickpeas, refried beans, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, garlic cloves, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

ITALIAN RACLETTE – Base Food: Sliced Italian bread or bruschetta warmed on the grill top. Suggested Ingredients: Meats – Pepperoni, Italian sausage, prosciutto,Italian spiced chicken. Cheeses – Mozzarella, Provolone, Ricotta and Gorgonzola. Toppings – Black olives, capers, artichoke hearts, anchovies, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic cloves, Italian seasonings.

AMERICAN RACLETTE – Base Food: Bread, rolls, baked potatoes or French-fried potatoes. Precook potatoes in microwave, stove or oven. Warm bread or precooked potatoes on grill top. Suggested Ingredients: Meats - Cocktail weenies, meatballs, ground beef, chicken fih or pork. Cheeses– American, Velveeta, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Havarti, Gouda. Toppings – Black olives, green olives, pickles, jalapeño peppers, banana peppers, red bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, sour cream, salt and pepper.

SHISKEBAB RACLETTE – Base Food: Pita bread or tortillas warmed on grill top. Suggested Ingredients: Meats –Strips of lamb, cubed chicken, pork, beef and shrimp. Cheeses – American, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Havarti, Gouda and Feta. Toppings –Red or green bell peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, yellow or green squash, chickpeas, cucumber 5 sauce, lemon wedges, capers and artichoke hearts.

BREAKFAST RACLETTE – Base Food: English muffins, eggs and hash browns can be cooked or toasted on the grill top or stone. A single egg can be cooked in a raclette dish. Suggested Ingredients: Meats – Bacon, sausage or ham. Cheeses –American, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Havarti, Gouda, Feta. Toppings –red or green bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, minced garlic, salt and pepper.

Cleaning Your Raclette (allow to fully cool first)

  • Remove stone from heating base.
  • Raclette dishes can be washed in hot soapy water using a soft cloth. Do not use metal scouring pads or harsh scouring powders. Rinse thoroughly and dry. You may also clean these items in a dishwasher. Position pieces in dishwasher so they do not touch one another or other objects being washed.
  • Heating base can be cleaned by wiping with a damp soapy cloth. NOTE: Do not place heating base in dishwasher or submerge in water.

U.K. Plug Wiring Instructions

The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: BLUE NEUTRAL BROWN LIVE GREEN/YELLOW EARTH. As the colours of the wire in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the colour markings identifying the terminals on your plug, proceed as follows: The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black. The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured red. The wire which is coloured GREEN/YELLOW must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter E or (earth symbol) and is coloured GREEN or GREEN/YELLOW. WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED

Disposal of Unit

Disposal instructions for Swan items in accordance with the WEEE directive. Appliances bearing the symbol shown here may not be disposed of in domestic rubbish. You are required to dispose of old electrical and electronic appliances like this separately. Please visit, or for access to information about the recycling of electrical items. The WEEE directive, introduced in August 2006, states that all electrical items must be recycled, rather than taken to landfill. Please arrange to take this appliance to your local Civic Amenity site for recycling, once it has reached the end of its life.

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