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Kuchenprofi Raclette Grill Hot Stone and Grande Care & Use Guide

The instructions below have been translated from the German details supplied by the manufacturer.

Safety Information

  1. Please read carefully these operating instructions before the first use of the device!
  2. Keep the instructions in a safe place in case you give the device to someone else
  3. No liability is accepted if the device is misused or damaged.
  4. Please ensure that the local current and mains voltage comply with the technical information shield on the device.
  5. Operate the Raclette grill according to the instructions and use it only for its intended purpose.
  6. Children do not recognize the dangers of using such an electrical item so please keep them at a safe distance.
  7. Position the Raclette grill on a stable, level surface. Do not use it close to a hot stove or open flame and keep children at a safe distance.
  8. Caution: High temperatures can develop immediately on start-up: therefore only touch the handle.
  9. After use, remove the power supply plug out of the socket. Do not pull on the cord and avoid damaging or cutting the cable. If the cable is damaged, replace it immediately to avoid possible injury.
  10. Caution: Never try to repair the device or dismantle it. Always get a qualified electrician to make any repairs.
  11. Never allow the device to come in contact with water or other liquids.
  12. Never touch the power supply plug with wet or damp hands.
  13. Use the Grill only for its intended use.
  14. This device is not designed for commercial use. Before the first use, please read these operating instructions as well as the safety references.

Before First Use

First remove all packing materials.
Before first use it is recommended to clean the device as described in the cleaning and care instructions.
Ensure that the Hot Stone Plate sits firmly within the intended recesses 0n its underneath side! It is recommended that the Hot Stone is heated without anything on it for about 10 minutes. This gets rid of any slight dust particles from the production process and packaging. Please note that any smoke and smell are completely harmless. During this process ensure that the room is well ventilated.

How to use

Coat the small pans with a little oil or butter.
Plug the device in to the power socket. The control light lights up. Now set the temperature control to the middle position and heat up the device for 5 to 8 minutes.
Place a washable cloth under the device to protect the table surface from possible splatter.
Caution: Please make sure that the mains cable does not come into contact with the heating elements.
The temperature can be controlled during operation by adjusting the temperature control switch.
The device can be used for twin purposes: as a Raclette grill and as a Hot Stone griddle plate.
Hot Stone/griddle plate: To use the stone, first turn the temperature control to its highest setting, this will take a little time to heat up.
Do not forget to take the take the plug out of the electrical socket in order to fully turn off the device and allow it to cool down.

Cleaning and Care

Before each cleaning, disconnect the power supply plug from the socket and always allow the device to cool down.
Caution: Never allow water or any other liquid to get inside the device.
Never use spray cleaners or abrasive cleaning fluids or scrubbers; also do not use sharp or pointed objects
Only clean the Hot Stone with hot water and if necessary a little washing up liquid and a firm sponge. If any burnt on residue is left, use a special ceramic hob cleaning solution.
To clean the device itself, use only a warm damp cloth.
The small pans can be washed in warm water with a little washing up liquid.

Tips and Tricks

After use, remove the small pans immediately from the hot grill, otherwise they will become more difficult to clean.
Hot Stone: all manner of foods can be cooked on the stone including steak, King Prawns and fried eggs. It is recommended to brush a little oil on to meats and fish before placing on the Hot Stone.
Ingredients: 1 - 1.5 kg potatoes, salt, approx. 1 dessert spoon of caraway seed, 1 Kg Raclette cheese or similar, 1 small jar of cornichons and silverskin onions, some baby sweet and some black peppercorns.
Preparation: Rinse and gently scrub the potatoes under cold running water. Put in a pan with some salt and the caraway seeds. Cover with water then put the lid on the pan and cook on a medium heat for approx. 30 minutes until soft. In the meantime, preheat the device and slice the Raclette cheese in to small slices and place on a plate. Put the cornichons, onions and baby corn in a small bowl and place on the plate. Drain off the cooked potatoes and serve unpeeled. Depending upon preference, if desired the potatoes can now be peeled and placed in a serving bowl. Keep the potatoes warm. Position the small slices of cheese in to the small pans and allow to gentle melt. leave; Eat with some herbs, spices and salt & pepper if desired, as well of course with the cornichons, onions and baby corn.
Variant: Prepare some small slices of bacon or cured ham (Speck)and grill it with the cheese in the small pans!

Hot Stone

A few suggestions: Only buy meat which is suitable for quick cooking. E.g. Rump steak, Fillet steak and Fillet kebabs from beef, in addition, pork, veal and and Lamb are suitable, like fillets, strips, Medallions etc. In addition, thin burgers, sausages, bacon or sliced meatballs. Make sure that slices are not too thickly cut. The meat becomes more tender, if it is marinated in advance or use a meat tenderiser. Poultry: Here you virtually cook all types but ensure the slices are not to thick; Depending upon taste marinate before cooking. Fish: Filet or disks of salmon, tuna and other firm fleshed fish are recommended; in addition, small fish such as Sardines, Prawns, Scampi and Squid are delicious. Vegetables: You can virtually cook all vegetables; simply cut them into thin slices or strips. Broccoli or cauliflower and similar vegetables should blanched before cooking. Eggs: Fried eggs or Crepes cook as well as in the pan. Fruit: Apples and or pears, pineapple and apricots - in this sticks, rings or halves, and sprinkled with sugar are very tasty.

Technical Information

Operating voltage: 230V 50/60Hz CE
Capacity: 1200 Watts
This device is guaranteed from date of purchase for 2 years. This guarantee covers any manufacturing faults or defects which occur during this 2 year period.
The guarantee does not cover damage to the device caused by negligence, misuse, wilful or accidental damage to the device or electrical cable, improper or poor cleaning or lack of proper care, normal wear and tear. In addition, if it is found that the device has been repaired or dismantled by anyone who is unqualified, the guarantee will be deemed void.
The guarantee is only valid if the device is returned with a valid receipt of purchase and or the valid guarantee card. If returning the device by post or courier, ensure it is well protected and packed as we cannot accept liability for damage caused by poor packaging. Ideally, keep the original packaging and do not throw it away.

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